Actual Pain Clothing

There is a darkness deep in the heart of every man. It's that part of you that wonders what's lurking ahead in the black beyond as you travel down a deserted alley. It's that part that is drawn to the deep shadows that the streetlights cannot chase away. You can't escape the darkness within, so why not embrace it? That's the philosophy behind Actual Pain apparel.

Actual Pain was founded by TJ Cowgill, an artist, designer and musician who was never afraid to explore the darker side. Drawing from the influences of heavy metal and his lifelong study of the occult, Cowgill created Actual Pain for men who aren't afraid to admit they feel at home in the dark. Since its launch in 2006, Actual Pain has had a cult-like following worldwide and partners with up-and-coming artists to produce tees, vests, sweaters and sweatshirts inspired by edgy mixtapes.

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