Levi’s Skateboarding Clothing

Levi Strauss created the first Levi’s jeans all the way back in 1890. The first products were like nothing that had been seen before, they were rugged, had riveted pockets and offered a relaxed, comfortable fit. Little did Strauss know the same denim he was producing over 100 years ago would still be a style staple even now. With the thick, rugged nature of the denim and its relaxed fit, it only made sense that skateboarders would adopt it.

To cater to this, Levi’s introduced Levi’s Skateboarding thirty years ago. In this range, denim jeans and jackets were reinforced in high abrasion areas to make them more durable, and shirts and tees were made thicker for the same reason. This hasn’t changed in thirty years, and Levi’s Skateboarding is still as loved by skaters (and the average consumer alike) as it was back in the ‘80’s.